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New Website!

Date: 12/01/21

Category: Highlands Locations


We’re excited to finally launch our brand new website! We have at last a sleek new site that’s consistent not only across our Highlands communities, but also across most of the country!

There’s a few new things to notice:

  1. At the very top, you’ll see a mini menu called YFC Canada. That will allow you to access programs and information for our organization across the country, as well as chapters in other parts of the country.
  2. Below that is the main menu for our Highlands chapter. Here, you’ll find our mission, chapter-wide programs, career opportunities, and general donation information.
  3. And the previous page you were on was your Community Page. There, you’ll find local programs, local fundraisers, and your local staff. You can also donate directly to your community. To find that page again, you can select ‘Locations’ from the main menu. We suggest bookmarking your local community page.

We hope our new site will be helpful for you. If you spot any bugs, please contact us.

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