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Project Serve Update – Antigua

Date: 05/02/21

Category: Erin Highlands


A glimpse into our last Project Serve trip to Antigua

Antigua!   In Antigua we had the privilege of working with the local YFC Director, Jonathan Bynoe and his staff, volunteers and family, working on their youth centre which had been ravaged by termites. Our teens learned new construction skills by working hard at ripping out old wood and replacing and reinforcing the roof and walls. We also stained their large front deck which will become a dance studio. A portion of our team also went to Mr. Bynoe’s home to repaint the entire outside; this was a great service to him and his family.

While there we had the opportunity to run a Vacation Bible School with local children. We ran this out of one of the oldest churches on the island, playing games, running crafts and teaching about the truth of Easter. Watching the teens, which I have spent a year teaching, now teach these young kids inspired me and reminded me just how amazing what we are doing is; we are raising a generation that is beginning to lead the next.

In Antigua we also visited two church services for Eater and were hugged and kissed and thanked for being there, it was beautiful. And for our final full day in Antigua we took the teens to the beach; they earned it and loved it!

I am so proud of the teens and the terrific work they did while there. Everyone showed just how much they have grown over the past year, I praise God for them. Thank you to everyone who supported us in our trip to Antigua and to everyone who is a financial partner with us, allowing me to continue running programs such as this.

Due to Covid-19 we were unable to take our current team of youth to Puerto Rico in the Spring of 2020, and so we are currently preparing for a trip to Vancouver so that we can still have a chance to serve those around us while strengthening our youth in leadership and teamwork. This is a great group of youth and we are excited to have this chance with them.

If you would like to join Project Serve for our Fall 2021 program please email Kelly Culp at kculp@yfch.ca, or phone 519-323-6772 to register for our upcoming session. We will be starting in September.

More details to come…

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