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better together.

Here in the Townships we believe in meeting young people where they are. That could be on the football field, skatepark, on the rivers shore, or at school.  Our sole goal is to help young people discover their full life potential and live it to the fullest

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Programs @ YU Eastern Townships

Champlain Cougars Football Program

In the capacities as a positional coach, life mentor, as well as a strength and conditioning coach. In both of these aspects, substantial time is spent with students not only talking about football and all the things thereof but life and all of its complexities. The goal is to make them better football players on and off the field and eventually get to the conversations of Mind, Body and Soul.

Constant Competition

A program designed for students and teachers. For teachers is to give them a rest from students that have a tendency to have behavioural issues in the classroom. For students, this is to give them an outlet for their competitive nature and wrestle with issues like ethics, winning and losing.

Paddles of Fury

A late winter and springtime program revolving around competition through ping pong and the community found here in Sherbrooke. Providing a space for avid players to compete against one another. Developing connections and relationships with the community.

Foot work and Fishing

A summertime program designed around hiking and or fishing while walking and discussing the things of life in relation to the bible and its principles.

Just Scoot and Skate

Attending all skateboard parks within the Eastern township’s area. With the hopes of building relationships with this demographic all students and providing focussed events for their passions and an outlet for engaging life conversations. This is the first step to see if there is a greater desire to expand this program into something more permanent.


A youth event designed to engage all of the areas of Interest for a young person that would point them to Jesus. Whether that be through sport through the Arts, through video games, through conversation, through board games, through crazy wild games, and the spoken word. All of these together always point to Jesus. It’s an event where one would invite a friend to. Attendees will be clearly asked if they are ready to follow Jesus. There will be people on-site to help those who have said yes to Jesus clarify any immediate questions. Secondly and importantly this is a ministry networking event as well.


Motivational: When speaking the idea is to motivate young people onto actionable things that they can do in their lives that will not only benefit themselves but benefit their surroundings and their communities. Though not explicitly, there will be elements of spirituality placed throughout every single talk. This style of speaking takes place mostly in high schools.
Spiritual:  When speaking through the spiritual lens I am clearly using the Bible as the foundation of the talk. In this, there will be a challenge to living out our full life potential under the construct of our faith in Jesus Christ. This most often takes place in a church, camp or a Christian Youth Event.

Online Content

Videos (TiK ToK, Instagram, Youtube) Writing (Blog, Magazines, Article, Website) this is what I consider online ministry: As the online experience is becoming more and more intertwined in the daily life of youth. I seek to make relationships and contact points through making interesting content that is both easily accessible and thought-provoking.



The Eastern Townships are comprised of a great mix of rural and urban population with some diversity. In one moment you can be on a farm and in the other, you could be in midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown. While a great area for those who love nature, it can also feel removed and therefore isolating to some.


Primarily tailored for high school students from the English sector, the young people that we serve have a variety of needs. Some of those needs are mentoring for life choices and the next stage of life. Others need an ear to hear the stories of rejection and loneliness. Another great need is relationships, abuse, and substance abuse.


Montreal Youth Unlimited believes that whole-person care is essential to ensuring young people thrive as they grow. Through programs that encourage positive mental, social, spiritual, and physical health- youth are built up in their resilience and capacity to give back to their community as they experience both trials and triumphs in life.

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