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Mike Fuller

Position: The Beacon Youth Centre Director

Demonstrating the unconditional love of Jesus towards youth.


Mike Fuller has a gift of meeting youth where they are at and helping them learn about themselves, the Gospel, and the ins and outs of life. Though Mike initially started volunteering in youth ministry in 2007, he worked in machining for a few years, but maintained his involvement with the youth. During this time he invested in educational courses and received mentoring to equip him as he serves youth. In 2012 Mike became a youth pastor in Brampton, creating an environment where youth wanted to be. Being involved in youth ministry for fifteen years has given Mike wisdom and insight on how to best support youth and has helped him in his role here at Youth Unlimited ™ Northumberland YFC.

Mike is a down to earth guy, with a quick wit and the ability to relate to others on almost any topic. He is able to build computers with youth and enjoys gaming on the computer and sports.

As the director of The Beacon Youth Centre, Mike recognizes that every youth that walks through the doors has their individual set of gifts and talents and he wants to help them discover their identity. He is passionate about seeing their lives being transformed by the life changing message of the Gospel. When in conversations, he provides a safe space where youth can build trust and be authentic and real. He believes that every young person needs a caring adult in their life, and Mike is honoured that he gets to be that adult to many youth in Brighton and the surrounding area.