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Registered Charity #132943721 RR 0001

Sports Huddle Groups

My Responsibility for Sport (FCA) Huddle groups – overseeing the development and functioning of Sport (FCA) Huddle groups in Steinbach and area.

Developing leaders on the way.

What happens with a Sport (FCA) huddle group(s):

  • A Sport (FCA) Huddle is a group of youth from Steinbach & area who play sports that encourage and challenge each other to live and compete according to biblical principles.
  • They have God conversation, pray for each other, get together to play, serve in the community, eat together, and go on short trips (camping/missions).
  • Each sport (FCA) huddle consists of two or more leaders and anywhere from 4 -10 young men (or women) who meet roughly every 2-3 weeks throughout the year. They can consist of players from the same team, or multiple teams – including some sports beside hockey.
  • This ministry also encourages and supports coaches who have a tremendous impact on youth in the community.

As one young player said, “I love the idea and feel I would share more knowing I am with guys that can relate to the love of hockey and are friends.”