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A Volunteer's Story

Date: 08/02/21

Category: Stories


When I first started volunteering at the Literacy Center I thought that the number one purpose was to help these kids read and improve in school. Quite quickly, however, I realized that it was much more. Kids have come and talked to me about problems they may be having at home, at school, or even they will just talk to you about how their life is going. It provides an environment for the kids to feel safe, a spot to reach out, a place to just have fun, explore Christianity and God, and just to feel welcome.

Personally though, I think that the kids may have taught me more than I have taught them. To be in a place with all these wonderful kids and listen to how their day went and their opinions on things really opened my eyes. As a volunteer I was supposed to help show the kids about God but, what I saw was God shining through the kids. The kids have given me a new outlook on certain things in my own life that I’m truly grateful to have from them.

The other volunteers and leaders through this ministry have also touched me as well. After all the kids leave for the day and have gone home the leaders and volunteers would pray together. We pray for the ministry, for the kids, and for each other. We pray for specific needs, for individual youth as well as their families and community.  All the people who I have met through this ministry are truly a blessing. I work with amazing people, we’ve  created a strong sense of family.

The kids and volunteers have had a large impact on my life and my view of things and I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with them. I truly believe that God is definitely present in this ministry.

“People may not always believe what you say but, they will always believe what you do.” Sometimes Gods word is better received through actions than through words. The ministry through Youth for Christ’s Literacy Center for kids, I believe, understands this fully. Youth for Christ has affected many young lives of the children who come. It is not just a place where kids learn to read.