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Jennifer Friesen

Position: Life Skills Coach

Department: Uturn

Jennifer came to the Uturn team, as a youth worker, because she was inspired by the way we help those who are struggling and she is excited to work together with the youth in our community. She has her Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychology and uses it to help people make the most of their lives and to know Jesus more.

Jennifer is laid back, with a hidden stubborn streak and a craving for travel that is always bubbling beneath the surface. Her success in cooking is generally limited to pizza and brownies. She is easily pleased by many things, including but not limited to, dogs, books, flowers, guitars, recycling, organic chocolate, hearing people’s stories, and working on a team of fabulous people for a life-changing purpose. Feel free to hunt her down around town, stop her, and get a coffee together. She would love to talk to you about how God is working in her life and in the lives of Brandon’s youth.  Ask her how you can become involved in this ministry that has captivated her!