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Shaun Funk

Position: Uturn Director

Department: Uturn

Shaun began working with Youth For Christ in Uturn in 2012 as a Youth Worker, and now serves as the Uturn Director. Shaun loves his role as it gives him the ability to not only personally journey with youth from homelessness toward independence, but share that experience; asking and developing others to join in on this incredible calling. Shaun is a certified teacher and will take any opportunity there is to learn from others. You’ll often find him sharing what he is reading and learning with those around him.

Shaun has a lovely wife, Vicki, and three amazing children, Emily, Kylie, and Colby. They love spending time outdoors together, whether it’s camping and road-tripping across the country, or working on their country yard. Shaun is the tallest member of the Youth for Christ family. When he’s not ducking through doorways, he loves to play volleyball, lift weights at the gym or mow the lawn.