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Anders Kuusselka

Position: YFC Gimli Director

Department: YFC Gimli

Anders became the Director of the Gimli YFC Satellite in 2019. Prior to that he also served as the Director of the Bridge (YFC) in Arborg. Due to his former career as a teacher, and his volunteering in numerous organizations in Gimli, Anders has been able to gain favour with the residents and leaders in the community. The town provided him with free space at the Rec Centre where 20-30 youth attend each day. Later, the local school opened their doors for the drop-in to use their facilities for an after school program, which doubled their numbers of youth. The drop-in has been provided with access to a concession stand at Gimli Beach as a fundraiser. Many of the drop-in youth volunteer to help, and learn valuable life skills as a result.

Anders feels it is a blessing to provide youth with a place where they feel accepted and have a sense of belonging, especially when they find a purpose and meaning for their lives.