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Celina Skorobohach

Position: YFC St. Pierre Program Coordinator

Department: YFC St. Pierre-Jolys

With a heart for the broken, God lead Celina to a ministry for youth in Brazil, the summer after her first year of university. Since then, she has longed to go back. However, after moving to Manitoba to study (from Saskatchewan), she was pulled into the youth ministry at YFC in St. Pierre, being reminded of her love for the ministry in Brazil. Celina volunteered from the beginning of 2018 until spring of 2019, when she began working as summer staff and then transitioned into part-time work during the school year. She can be found at the co-ed evening drop-ins and hanging out with her small group of girls during the winter months. Starting spring of 2020, Celina spearheaded St. Pierre’s garden ministry, as she has a passion for teaching youth to be self-sufficient and creative. Her farmer blood has granted her a love for the soil and a spiritual place in the garden.

Graduating with her Bachelor’s of Psychology in winter of 2019, Celina is now working towards her Master’s in Counselling. Along with gardening, her passion for overall health extends to her other hobbies. Celina believes part of our call to be caretakers of creation (Gen. 1:26) includes not only nature itself, but the care of our body, mind, and spirit – created in God’s image. She is deeply interested in nutritional science and is an avid weight lifter. In the summer, if she’s not with youth or at the gym, Celina is likely enjoying a good book, watching a thunderstorm, or chilling at the lake.