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By partnering with YFC | Youth Unlimited, we are able to meet the needs of youth in your community. Read below to hear some moments of transformation made possible by your generous partnership.

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Carol’s Story

Three years ago Jesus radically changed my life! I am a recovering addict. Three years and 27 days ago, I felt like I had a hole in my chest. I went to the youth centre and prayed to God for Jenn (one of the staff) to come out and talk to me. She came out and brought me in with her, where I told my whole story and they prayed for me and God filled that hole I felt in my chest! – Youth, Kawartha

A Mother’s Heart

It is God’s desire and YFC Canada’s desire for every young person to have eternal life and know that they are deeply loved by their Heavenly Father.

At Youth for Christ Canada we see the hope and potential in every young person. We strive to create safe, welcoming places where young people can experience God’s love. So many young people are lost and hurting and we strive to see them as Jesus would – with love.

Work Force in Winnipeg, MB, is a YFC program run in partnership with a local church in Winnipeg’s North-End. At Work Force, youth have the opportunity to spend time with YFC staff and volunteers who believe in them and take the time to invest in building relationships with them. The youth who attend Work Force know that people care about and are genuinely happy to see them. The youth feel loved and valued and carry that love back into their homes. The ripple effect of their changed lives gives hurting families hope for a bright future and in turn impacts their whole community.

Amanda, a mother of 4, desperately loves her children. As her children are growing up, she is fighting to keep them out of the system, away from drugs and alcohol and bad influences. One of her daughters, Gertie, has really struggled and attempted to take her own life.

Gertie was hit harder than Amanda ever thought possible. “She wasn’t herself. I could tell. Her eyes [weren’t] herself; her soul wasn’t herself. She wanted to give up. She wanted to just leave me. And I didn’t understand why. And when she did what she did, it hurt. I thought I was going to lose my daughter that day.”

Amanda credits Work Force with helping to change her daughters’ lives: “There are so many kids in this world right now that [are] committing suicide, and they think this is the best way to go, but it’s not. They just need somebody to talk to, somebody to understand their pain and their suffering, and get the help that they need. . . That is what I think this program is all about. This program has changed my daughters.”

Our programs are only possible because of the financial and prayer support we receive from partners like YOU. We would not be able to run programs that reach youth without you! Your generosity allows us to continue to provide safe and welcoming places for young people. And most importantly, your partnership allows our staff and volunteers regular opportunities to show the love of Jesus Christ to youth across Canada.

Watch the video below to hear more of Amanda’s story: