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The Smiling Mirror

My name is "George", Iím 23 years old and I had been addicted to crack/cocaine and crystal meth for a strong four years now.

The consequences of my addictions have been dropping out of high school, loss of healthy relationships with my family, health issues, loss of friends, involvement in crime, mental illness, and poverty. A lot of my family and people that knew me would wonder how someone who was brought up in a loving, hard working Christian home could day by day throw away their life like this.

It wasnít until I actually confessed that I canít go on by my own willpower and came to know Jesus on a personal level that I realized thatís what was missing. I had to go through the pain and hardships so that I would turn to God and I am now saved from eternal death. Over the past four months my relationship with my family has been restored, Iím dealing with my daily problems with the help of God and I can look in the mirror and smile because I am a child of God.




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