YFC Canada

Our Mission

Every young person living fully in Christ!

We are a Christian, faith-based movement. Our leader and model is Jesus, as described in the Christian Bible. Jesus said, “people will know you are my followers because of your love for one another” (The Gospel of John, paraphrased)

Our faith compels us to serve the world around us with love and compassion by meeting its practical needs. In particular, we are called to serve young people in our communities. As we do so with the same humility and servant attitude as Jesus, it is our hope that we will be asked, “Will you tell me more about Jesus?”

Our Vision

(To see) Youth engaged in healthy community, experiencing meaning and purpose in the present, and looking forward to a future filled with hope and overflowing with possibility!

Many youth today find life difficult. There are significant pressures: school, career decisions, who they are, and friendships to name a few. Add peer pressure and substance abuse and things can turn from “difficult” to “bad” quickly. Mental health often takes a hit. 

We simply want to come alongside youth and help them sort it out.

Our Philosophy

  • Building authentic relationships with youth 
  • Employing creative and context sensitive programming
  • Serving out of a deep sense of calling
  • Energized by passion and empowered by gifting
  • Growing empowered leaders from within
  • Leveraging capacity through volunteer engagement
  • Partnering with local churches and agencies
  • Trusting God for it all…

Our Approach

We meet the needs of young people through two approaches:

  • Core Programs, seen to be successful nationwide
  • Grassroots Initiatives, responding to the unique needs and interests of each community




Our Movement

We are proudly part of the global movement of Youth for Christ, in over 120 nations and serving Canadian youth from Glace Bay, NS to Victoria, BC.




June 2024 Edition

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