Shawn Naylor

Shawn Naylor was saved from a life that lived on the wrong side on the law. This in part to a lack of identity as result of being adopted. He has taking his life lessons and is now a Youth & Young Adults Culture Specialist that works for Youth for Christ.

Tel: 819-349-7774

Alongside his local area ministry in schools and leadership groups, Shawn speaks all over in colleges, churches, and events. Shawn has a unique approach involving humor, passion, and insight for being a voice to and for young people. He is married to Mireille Pruneau and they have two children, Ezra and Emmanuel.

Speaking Topics

  • Destiny
  • Faith
  • Identity
  • Leadership
  • Evangelism
  • Life Vision

We are heartbroken over the current situation in Ukraine, and YFC Canada has committed to supporting our colleagues in whatever way we can.


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