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Asmick Jean-Jacques

Date: 08/02/22

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Asmick joined the Montreal Youth Unlimited team in 2007 as Lifeskills Coordinator at the newly opened La Corde Youth Centre. He now leads this ministry centre as the La Corde Youth Centre Director.

“I was born in Haiti and moved to Canada at the age of 6. Shortly after my arrival into the country, my father walked out. I grew up in a low-income household with my mother and 3 siblings. Facing adversity and struggle, I made bad decisions which led me into a dark journey. From delinquency to criminality I became a ruthless individual, spending much of my teen years and young adult life incarcerated. While serving a prison term I made peace with God and accepted Christ in my life.

From That moment on I vowed to spend the rest of my life serving God by reaching out to the world around me. Shortly after my release I got married to my wife Susie and started serving in my local church. I began ministering on a one-on-one and personal level to the youths of my neighbourhood by witnessing to them and organizing programs and events in order to bring them the Gospel. After a couple of years I got deeper into ministry and was mentored by my pastor and church leaders for Pastoral ministry.

I joined Youth Unlimited in 2007 and I am now the Director of the La Corde Youth Centre. My passion is to mentor youths so they can become what God calls them to be. I AM ON A MISSION. More than just a job, my vocation is to raise a generation of Joshuas in the Province of Quebec. My partner, friend and wife Susie and I, are blessed with 4 children. I believe that I am gifted by God to change the world!!”

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