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Audley Goulbourne

Originally from Jamaica, Audley attended Ontario Bible College (now Tyndale) where he planned to return after graduation. A fellow student and Youth for Christ staff, Gary McDonald, would often call out “Audley, God is calling you to Jane/Finch.” I used to dismiss him by saying I was hearing from him but not God. However I did sense that call at one of our chapels when the founding pastor of the Lisle Memorial Baptist Church (LMBC) was the speaker. I was ready for the challenge to be a transformational agent in Jane Finch before returning to Jamaica.

In the fall of 1981 I became the part-time youth pastor at the church. In 1982 I joined Youth for Christ to work with Jim Green in a boy’s basketball program then later served in two high schools. For five years I prayed “My father in heaven ….give me this month my support.” I valued the experience of walking by faith while writing the regular support letters and participating in the fundraising events. It has been gratifying to hear from time to time the positive impact that YFC’s ministry had on a number of the youths.

In 1987 I left YFC to become the pastor of LMBC and am now in the process of passing the pastoral leadership baton. For the last three decades, I have been living in the Jane Finch area with my family because I am still committed to contribute to its ongoing transformation. I am excited that presently there two of our members are now working in the community on Youth Unlimited staff. Their ministries provide our church with a wonderful open door of opportunity to build bridges to God and our church with the youths and their families.