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Paige Brose

Date: 24/08/21

Category: myYFCmoment


Paige Brose currently serves in the role of Communications and Youth Engagement in Central Alberta. As a youth, Paige got to experience firsthand the goodness of the YFC staff that she now serves alongside.

At the local high school, we had a YFC guy who would wander the halls, chat with us about our day, and do lunch programs (he is now our ED!). After some convincing, I went on a mission trip called YU Adventures. I discovered how many teens were into Jesus, just like me, and where I saw I could actually make a difference in the world. I started going to the Life360 bible study (it was at 7 am! Dedicated!). This was where I realized I could be a light in my high school.

Fast forward a few years, and now here I am as a staff member of YFC, pursuing youth ministry and God’s calling on my life. It is a privilege to be a light in the world for Him and to point youth to Him, just like the YFC staff did for me. I am so thankful for Jerel and how he took the time to have a conversation with a random teen. It was so significant.

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