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Rani Ibrahim

Position: New Canadians Ministry Coordinator

New Canadians Ministry Coordinator

Since its founding, Rani, as pastor and leader of The Newcomers Mission (TNM), has helped over 300 newcomers call Canada “home.” When asked where his love and compassion comes from, Rani credits the love he has for his saviour Jesus Christ. “Jesus has asked us to love one another as we love ourselves. Jesus first showed this love by laying down his own life for us. It is my privilege to show Christ’s love to others and I am always happy to have a Biblical conversation and to share my Christian hope.”

Happily, Rani and his mom became Canadian citizens themselves in 2020. In January 2024, Rani joined Youth for Christ | Youth Unlimited Peterborough as our New Canadians Outreach Worker to reach out to newcomer youth and their families. He will be serving the newcomer community and the Kingdom of our Lord in this new role in the same way and programs that he used to do (see more below).

When not working with newcomers, Rani enjoys meeting friends, watching comedy series and writing hymns in Arabic.

Imagine coming to a foreign country with your mother. You may not speak the language nor have any family or friends in your new homeland. You’ve arrived in Canada because you are fleeing war, and you need help to feel safe and to flourish where you have landed.

This is a scenario Rani Ibrahim knows all too well as he and his mother came to Canada in 2016 from Lebanon, having moved there from his native Syria. Yet just a few months after his arrival, Rani, with the help of his mother and the Presbytery of Lindsay-Peterborough founded The Newcomers Mission (TNM) to help other refugees settle in Peterborough and to show them the love of our Lord and support as they do so. More information on TNM can be found by reaching out to Rani and talking with him.

Rani holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria. Before coming to Canada he was employed as a Mathematics teacher at a private school while also working for World Vision where he helped re-settle fellow Syrians.

Rani derives great pleasure with helping others transition to life in Canada and he has been helping newcomers from different countries who are fleeing the war in their nation (Syrians, Ukrainians, Afghani, Iraqis and other countries). He is able to help them get established by providing social and cultural assistance in accessing resources in the community. He offers workshops, gathering meetings, translation services, and activities to help newcomer families, youth, and children register for school, get government ID, receive English as a second language training, find housing, find jobs, bring their families and relatives to Canada through private sponsorship groups, and find and make friends and community support. Rani also leads prayer/worship meetings, preaching and provides pastoral care for all who need.