YFC Canada

Registered Charity #132232521RR0001

Donation Policies

Youth for Christ Victoria seeks to honour the expressed designation towards each program(s) and project(s) approved by the organization. Each contribution designated towards such an approved program(s) or project(s) will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by Youth for Christ Victoria, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where most needed.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules, a registered charity cannot return a donation. Youth for Christ Victoria is a registered charity and therefore we are unable to refund any donations. A gift transfers ownership of the money or other gifted property from the donor to the charity. Once the transfer is made, the charity is obliged to use the gift in carrying out its charitable purposes.

For more details on this, please visit the CRA website.

Pre-Authorized Agreement

Pre-Authorized Debit (“PAD”) Agreement: I/We understand that the permission to charge my bank account, Visa or MasterCard is the same as if I had personally signed a cheque to Youth for Christ Victoria. I/We may revoke my authorization at any time, subject to providing 30 days notice. To obtain a sample cancellation form or for more information on my right to cancel a PAD agreement, I may contact my financial institution or visit www.cdnpay.ca. I/We understand that in the case of sponsorship increases, Youth for Christ Victoria will notify and seek my/our permission to increase sponsorship amount. I/we have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement. For example, I/we have the right to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this PAD Agreement. To obtain more information on my/our recourse rights, I/we may contact my/our financial institution or visit www.cdnpay.ca.