YFC Canada

Registered Charity #132232521RR0001

Community Youth

Connecting and Mentoring

The Community exists to establish contacts with youth, to challenge them to engage in a cause, and to connect with them in mentoring relationships to inspire them to live life in all its fullness in Jesus.

Meeting Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs

We serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of youth in Esquimalt through a daily breakfast program, youth groups, mentoring, camps, engaging youth in volunteer opportunities, and our drop-in youth space.

An Atmosphere of Community

Many of the youth we serve may be experiencing brokenness in their family life and other areas. We seek to provide an atmosphere of community, where we as leaders share our lives with these amazing individuals and invite them into the family of the “Father of the Fatherless” (Psalm 68:5).
It is such a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the Son of Man who “did not come to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45) and serve these youth and the greater community of Esquimalt.

Success Stories

While with working youth can be difficult, it can also be very rewarding especially when we hear comments like: “you guys really care about us,” “you guys love us,” “if anything bad happened to me you would really care,” “I trust you guys,” “this is the only thing I have been involved in for a long period of time,” “this is the best thing I have done in my whole life.”

One Story

One story in particular that stands out involves a youth who had dropped out of school and came to The Community with a friend. He was furious that we would be teaching people that God loves them because of the terrible things he had experienced. He promptly told us we would never see him again at The Community.

We continued to pray for him, he continued to come back, put his faith in Jesus, got connected with a mentor, and is now working full-time and doing great. In his words: I was fed up with the life I was living. I was fed up going through the trauma over and over again. I’m not totally healed yet, but I’m a changed man.

God Opens Doors

We’re thankful for what God has done and expectant as we look forward to the doors he will open and opportunities that will arise as we continue to labour towards youth in Esquimalt living the full and abundant life that Jesus gives.

Jenn Labiuk

Our Team