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2024 Summer Camp Options

Summer Camp

At Cedarwood our campers get to:

  • experience a variety of fun skills and activities
  • eat delicious food and snacks
  • hear about the hope of Jesus
  • laugh and sing in our evening program
  • have opportunities to make lasting friendships
  • make amazing memories!

We invite you to have your own amazing Cedarwood experience this summer!

Cedarwood is an accredited camp with the  Manitoba Camping Association, assuring you of high standards in safety, facilities and, programming.

2023 Highlights

Summer Camp Skills

Cedarwood is home to many fun activities!

Our Summer Camp Skills & activities are made available during skill periods, cabin kickbacks and sometimes during free time.

Each evening campers sign up for the skills they want to participate in the following day. There are a set number of spots available for girls and guys in each skill. Once the skill is full it can no longer be signed up for that day.

This gives each camper the opportunity to try out different skills during their time at Cedarwood!

Summer Camp FAQ

Can we make roomate requests?

Campers can request a maximum of TWO roommate requests. These requests must be MUTUAL. We cannot guarantee these requests, however we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you offer discounts or subsidies?

Financial assistance or subsidies are available for qualifying applicants through the Sunshine Fund program of the Manitoba Camping Association. The Sunshine Fund is a subsidy which offers varying levels of coverage based on household income and is available to residents of Manitoba. Cedarwood will waive our $50 deposit fee if we have confirmation that a camper’s subsidy application is being processed. Please call the Manitoba Camping Association at 204-784-1130 or see the MCA website for more information.

If you are not able to receive funding through the Sunshine Fund, please email our office and we will help direct you to other potential sources, including our own Summer Camp Subsidy fund.

Note: It is your responsibility to secure funding, however you may contact the camp if you require assistance in filling out forms etc.. We are happy to help.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations that are made a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the camper’s week of camp will be refunded, minus the $50 deposit. Any cancellations made after this will not be refunded.

If an emergency arises, please contact the office.

Refunds will not be given to no-shows, those that leave due to homesickness, or those that leave due to disciplinary issues. Please see our Lice Policy for any questions related to those that are found with lice.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Do you provide transportation to camp?

Transportation to and from Winnipeg will not be available for campers for Summer 2024.

What is your Lice Policy?

When your camper arrives at camp or at our transportation drop-off a lice check will be done. We ask that you stay at camp/the drop-off until the check is completed. If your camper is found with lice/nits they will be asked to not attend the week of camp. If they are treated promptly and found to have no lice/nits 3 weeks after they are checked, they are able to attend a future week of camp if we still have spots to accommodate them.

There will be no refunds made for those that are found with lice/nits. In the event that a camper is able to attend an alternate week of camp (after being treated and cleared), the original payment can be transferred.

Payments cannot be transferred to a future year or retreat.

How do you care for the health and safety of your campers?

The health and safety of our campers and staff are a priority for us:

  • Cedarwood staff are chosen through a proper application and screening process, including checking references and Criminal Record Checks.
  • Our staff attend two weeks of intensive staff training to prepare them to lead, care for and build amazing memories with our campers.
  • All staff are trained in safety protocols, boundaries, accountability, mentorship and more.
  • Each week we have a qualified medical officer or nurse.
  • We have a well-stocked, on-site health care centre.
  • The Pinawa Hospital is a 20-minute drive from camp.
  • We have qualified staff providing a safe waterfront environment.
  • Cedarwood is accredited by the  Manitoba Camping Association, assuring you of high standards in safety, facilities and, programming. 

How does a camper bring medication to camp?

ALL medication brought by campers must be presented to the nurse at the Health Centre upon arrival. It is important that all medications be in the original prescription container. Please clearly label all non-prescription drugs with the camper’s name.

What should I pack?

  • Clothes for the full length of the program: t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, underwear, etc.
  • Two towels (one for the beach and one for the shower)
  • Modest bathing suit (swim shorts for boys, one-piece for girls)
  • Rain jacket, warm clothes
  • Extra pair of shoes and clothes for getting dirty during field games
  • At least one pair of closed-toed shoes – some activities will require these
  • At least one pair of long baggy/loose pants – these will be needed for some activities (ie. sweatpants)
  • Toiletries (like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant etc.)
  • Pillow and Sleeping bag or bedding for bunk beds
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle, a hat (it ca be hot!)
  • Bible (if you have one)
  • Notebook and a pen
  • Money for the Cedarwood store (if you did not deposit any prior to camp)

Are there items that cannot be brought to camp?

We have made some restrictions to help protect against theft and to ensure the safety of our campers and staff. If any of these items are brought to camp, they will be confiscated and held by the Camp Director until the end of the session.

  • Cell phones, Laptops, iPads, etc.
  • Cigarettes, Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana or Vaping Devices
  • Expensive clothing/shoes (to avoid damage during outdoor activities)
  •  Food/Snacks (we provide plenty of food and we need to be sensitive to allergies)
  •  Any form of body spray or perfumes (due to our air distribution system and allergies)
  • ​Weapons of any kind

Is there a store at camp?

Cedarwood runs its own store that is open each day during camper’s free time. We sell a variety of items including candy, drinks, and Cedarwood merch like clothing, hats or other items.

Before your camper’s week of camp you can deposit money into their store account. We have a store account limit of $65. We suggest $20 for only snacks, $40 for snacks and small merchandise, or $60 for snacks and a hoodie.

On the closing day of your camper’s week there will be an opportunity to spend the remaining store balance on snacks or merchandise.

Any unused amount will not be refunded but will be set aside and donated towards use for future camper subsidies.

Can a camper call home?

Our daily schedule is very full and does not leave time for campers to phone home, so we ask that campers do not phone home during their time at Cedarwood. Parents/guardians who phone our office to speak to their camper will be asked to leave a message with our office staff since campers are not readily available. Messages then will be given to campers at a meal time.

In an emergency we will locate the camper and have them come to the phone to speak to their parent/guardian.

With all camper phone calls we require a staff member to be present to help answer questions or speak to parents/guardians if needed.

What does the opening and closing day look like?

Opening Day:

  • If you plan to drive to camp please allow one and a half hours of travel time to get to Cedarwood from most parts of Winnipeg.
  • Check-in at camp opens at 4:30 pm on opening day. (Please do not plan to arrive earlier than this, as we are busy preparing for your arrival.)
  • We love to meet the families of our campers and show them around the camp.
  • ​When campers arrive they will be guided to check in for the camper’s lice check. (Campers who have taken Cedarwood Transportation will have already had a lice check at the pickup location)
  • Once the lice check is completed campers will head to the main lounge to check in at the registration tables.
  • If you have not deposited any store money, this is a great time to add some to your camper’s store account.
  • When campers are checked in they will be introduced to their counsellor and then able to bring their luggage to their room.
  • After check-in, our campers will take a swim test and see the nurse if they have medications or other reasons for a visit. Campers can either join the line for the swim test at the dock or the line for the nurse in the basement.
  • After their swim test and a possible visit to the nurse, the campers can hang out until supper at 6 pm. Some choose to play on the field, while others prefer to be inside.
  • Parents/Guardians are asked to stay at camp until the lice check and registration check-in has been completed. You are welcome to stick around until your camper has completed their swim test and nurse visit. ​

Closing Day:

  • On the closing day of every camp session we invite you to experience a bit of Cedarwood for yourself when you pick up your camper. 
  • If you are planning to be our guest on closing day the schedule is as follows:
    10:00 – 10:30 – Arrival
    10:30 – Complimentary Family Brunch
    11:15 – Closing Day Program (All closing day guests are welcome to attend)
    12:00 – Departure time
  • If you are not planning to attend the brunch or program, pick-up time for departing campers is 11:45 a.m.


Note: Schedules are subject to change, but any changes will be communicated with campers and their parents.

How does a camper sign up for skills?

Each evening campers sign up for the skills they want to participate in the following day. Sign up sheets for each of our 3 skill blocks circulate on the girls and guys floor going from cabin to cabin until everyone has signed up. There are a set number of spots available for girls and guys in each skill. Once the skill is full it can no longer be signed up for that day. This gives each camper the opportunity to try out different skills during their time at Cedarwood.

Are there any reasons a camper may not be invited to attend camp?

1. Camp Cedarwood will consider all requests for camp places on an individual basis.

​2. Individuals may be refused a place at Camp Cedarwood if the camp is unable to provide the resources to meet the needs of the individual or to provide a positive and safe camp experience for the individual. Resource limitations relate to staffing and facilities.

3. The ability of Camp Cedarwood to provide a camp opportunity for some individuals is limited by:

a) Counsellor/child ratio of 1:6. (Any child not able to be safe and gain a positive experience within this ratio may be refused.)

b) The slopes and paths on the site require high mobility skills. Unfortunately the camp is unable to provide an appropriate experience for any individual in a wheelchair or with moderate to high mobility difficulties.

c) The program includes 8 hours of physical activities each day. The camp is unable to provide an appropriate experience for any camper who would require alternate programming.

d) Location on a lake poses a serious water hazard. The camp is unable to provide a safe opportunity for any child with a history of running away or unsafe behaviour around water.

e) The camp provides a health officer with Standard First Aid qualifications. The camp is unable to provide for management of medical needs requiring higher skills.

4. Where Camp Cedarwood is unable to offer a safe and positive camp experience to an individual based on the information above, the parent/guardian will be provided information as to why the registration will not be accepted and the contact details for the Manitoba Camping Association to assist in locating an alternate camp opportunity.

How are faith opportunities offered?

Camp Cedarwood is a program of Youth for Christ Winnipeg.

Being a Christian charity, we openly invite young people to consider faith in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. We offer this from our hearts because this is what we truly believe has the power to change lives because it has changed our own lives. We offer the opportunity to explore faith in Christ in ways that youth can choose to participate in and engage as they feel comfortable. All youth are welcome to participate in YFC programs regardless of religious beliefs, race, gender, sexuality or financial status. We believe that it is not our place to insist that anyone change their beliefs to conform with ours. All youth are welcome to fully participate in YFC Winnipeg programming, regardless of whether they are interested in knowing more about Jesus.

At Cedarwood, campers are invited to consider the Christian faith in a practical and personal way. Together we will look at what the Bible says about the person of Jesus Christ, and discuss what this means for our own lives. Each morning campers and their Cabin Leaders meet to discuss life, hope, and what we put our faith in. Each camper is given a booklet and Bible to help guide this discussion. In our evening program we use songs, media and a short talk to provide more information on the day’s topic. We encourage all campers to share their point of view and thoughts as they hear about the hope and life we find in Jesus Christ.

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