YFC Canada

Registered Charity #107559734RR0001

Our Programs are currently paused until further notice

Lunchtime Drop-In

Program Paused

During the school year we host a weekly drop-in at lunchtime for any youth to come and be part of a safe community. We provide drinks, snacks and games for the youth. This is a community where we do not push the youth to be someone they are not. Our hope that this space will organically become a place for youth to make their own and enjoy some down time outside of their scheduled classes.

School Support

Program Paused

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School Weekly Tutoring Program

Working with staff of Haliburton Highlands Secondary School we go into English classes and help students gain skills in their reading and writing. This is a weekly tutoring program where we work closely with youth to help them reach a stronger level of knowledge and understanding.

Skatepark Drop-In

Program Paused

728 Mountain St, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
Every Thursday from 3–5pm we meet at the Haliburton Junction Skatepark to host a drop-in where we provide drinks and optional skateboarding lessons to those who are interested. Our hope is to make this a fun and safe space for youth to come and enjoy community with fellow skaters. We want to see a gathering of positive young people being a light for others in the community. This is a time for not only skateboarders but for bikes and scooters as well. This program is aimed for grades 6–12 but does not exclude anyone.

Community Support

Haliburton County Youth Sailing Association

Program Paused

Through partnership with the Haliburton County Youth Sailing Association, we provide sailing lessons for youth ages 8-24. The lessons are held at Red Umbrella Inn in Minden. To sign up visit the HCYSA website and find us on Page 17 of The Highlander The Highlander Newspaper

Frost Festival

Program Paused

Annually in February
Head Lake Park in Haliburton Village

Every February the municipality of Dysart Et Al puts on a fun-filled festival with events for the whole family. We will be joining the festival in serving hot chocolate and playing snow soccer and broomball.

Partnership with Lakeside Church

Programs Paused

We work with Lakeside Church with the hope that we will connect commmunity youth to the local church.

Lakeside Church

9 Park St, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0

Junior Youth

Every Thursday Lakeside Church hosts a youth night for grades 6-8. This night includes fun and games, snacks and a lesson. This is located at Lakeside Church in Haliburton.

Senior Youth

Lakeside Church hosts a youth night for grades 9-12. This night includes games, activities, snacks and a great community. This is also located at Lakeside Church in Haliburton.

For more information please contact
Leanne Young at leanne@mylakeside.ca
or Ian McIntosh at 905-429-8389 or ian@youthunlimitedkaw.com