Global Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, locally or globally, Youth for Christ Canada is committed to responding wherever YFC has a presence. The strength of Youth for Christ around the world is our commitment to raise up local leaders and empower them to reach youth in communities across their nations. We are not a “foreign aid agency.” We are at our very core, local people, working with local youth and families.

When tragedy strikes; whether it be a war or a natural disaster, and when other “agencies” sometimes have to leave or struggle to connect with local resources, our people are already on the ground working to quickly respond to whatever immediate needs arise in their communities.  We can often connect to YFC ministries in neighbouring countries who help each other when the need arises.

YFC Canada is committed to walking alongside our Global YFC family as they respond to urgent needs, domestically and internationally.  We have systems in place to get funds to difficult areas so that resources can be acquired and practical immediate support offered. To date we have assisted our YFC personnel in places like Japan, Haiti, Lebanon, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and many others.

We will periodically update this page as urgent needs arise around the world.


You can help with relief efforts related to the war in Ukraine. Please click here to see the latest update and support the relief efforts.

You can help with relief efforts in Syria related to the earthquake on February 5, 2023. Please click here to see the latest update and support the relief efforts.