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Camp de la Montage is located 130 km north of Montreal, in the shadow of Mont Tremblant, in the heart of the Laurentians, nestled by a private lake where the closest neighbours are beavers and deer.

Camp is where adventure and transformation collide.  It provides opportunities for youth and youth leaders to get away from their daily activities, to unplug, to create memories and to experience God’s invisible qualities revealed through creation.

Research reveals that diverse camp experiences lead to growth in self-confidence, leadership and social skills, more frequent devotional practices, faith conversations beyond camp and an increased faith relevance.  The camp experience has a strong lasting impact.

Through Camp de la Montagne, youth and youth leaders will gather to be encouraged in their walk, equipped for life and ministry, and restored in hope and purpose.

CDLM will be a catalyst for life transformation, impacting the province. CDLM will serve the Province of Quebec, seeking partners and stakeholders intent on helping the youth of Quebec live fully in Christ.

Services at Camp de la Montagne

Youth Camps

Camp is about inspiring leadership in youth, providing unique opportunities to be encouraged in the gifts and abilities they have been given while learning more about God’s purpose for their lives.

Community is an essential part of the human experience. Gathering together allows for team and character building, for compromise,  growth, leadership- development and social skills otherwise unused. We are better together.

Leadership Training

Camp is a place where youth and their leaders can be trained, empowered and equipped with the tools necessary to more effectively reach their communities and live their lives to the full.


Camp is a place of solace and rest for youth and leaders in training. A time of refreshment from the struggles of everyday life; all while surrounded by the beauty of God’s handiwork and presence. Opportunity to reflect and to be restored in purpose and in vision.