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Sue McVeigh DiBiaso

Position: Options Director of Communications & Community Development

Department: Marketing & Communication Options

Options + MYU

Hailing from a background in design, marketing, management and entrepreneurialism, Suzy has a varied skill set that she longs to use to make a positive impact on her community.

Highly creative and innovative, but also empathetic and caring, her work is multifaceted and touches on both sides of the bridge: directly as well as with essential community partners and city officials in moving this mission forward. Sue works with youth as they navigate pregnancy and young parenthood, adversity and autonomy. She heads early empowerment preventative outreach programs, family sponsorships and in-house resources.

Sue helps define and develop program cohesiveness and communication strategies while managing marketing, press inquiries and community partnerships. She also heads communications for Montreal Youth Unlimited for the province of Quebec.