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Jeremy Brydges

Jeremy, from Youth Unlimited Highlands, shares one of his first experiences with Youth for Christ | Youth Unlimited staff when he was in grade 7. He shares how genuine conversations with staff over the years impacted his life. As a result of the YFC | Youth Unlimited staff’s influence, he became a staff member and is now working with young people in his hometown.

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Johanna Freer is the Affiliate Director at Upper Canada YFC. Joanna’s involvement in YFC as a youth herself had a profound impact on the trajectory of her life.

Date: 27/08/21 Category: myYFCmoment


Paige Brose currently serves in the role of Communications and Youth Engagement in Central Alberta. As a youth, Paige got to experience firsthand the goodness of the YFC staff that she now serves alongside.

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Danny was only 16 years old when he began his involvement in YFC. His time at YFC led him to discover his passion of serving God’s kingdom as an Evangelist Motivational Speaker.

Date: 11/08/21 Category: myYFCmoment