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Taeryn Novak

Taeryn grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, and was part of her church’s youth group growing up. She worked a couple of different jobs before being invited onto the YFC Comox Valley team in 2019. She loves mentoring young women and seeing them flourish in their giftings and their relationships with God.

Over the years that I attended youth group, I had three youth leaders that had a huge impact on my life (and they all happened to be on staff with YFC at the time of their volunteering with the church youth group).

They each sought me out, often taking me out for tea (I was just so amazed that they wanted to spend time with ME!), listening to me, encouraging me in my giftings and my budding faith in Jesus. In grade 10 one of these ladies asked if I wanted to go through a book with her once a week. She’d pick me up before school, take me to Starbucks and we’d talk about what stood out to us in the chapter.

That year together shaped my faith and gave me confidence in what I believed. I still carry with me the lessons that this mentor shared with me, through her words and actions.

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We are heartbroken over the current situation in Ukraine, and YFC Canada has committed to supporting our colleagues in whatever way we can.


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