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Vicki Gramozis

Date: 22/06/21

Category: myYFCmoment


Vicki Gramozis (nee Schofield) and her family were very involved in Youth for Christ in the 1960s.  Vicki ushered at the Saturday night meetings held at Vancouver’s Evangelistic Tabernacle. Her father, Gilbert, was on the board, and her mother, Marion, helped out wherever she was needed.  The family also hosted teens in their home as they toured with the YFC music groups. Her brother Victor started his musical career with Youth for Christ.

As an adult, Vicki shared her faith with others, from teaching Sunday School at church when her children were young, hosting ladies in her home, and writing encouraging emails to share devotions with friends.  Throughout her life, she has continued to share the love of Jesus and is thankful for her time at Youth for Christ.

I can honestly say that without Youth for Christ being there for me, I most likely would not be serving God today.  The people involved taught me many life lessons and helped me grow in my faith.  The activities that took place were always something that I could bring my unsaved friends to without having them preached at.  Some of my friends came to know God personally all because of these wonderful activities which were so very inclusive for them.  All who went to Youth for Christ knew they were valued, loved, needed, and wanted, which is what all teenagers need.

If I could ever go back in time, I would go back to the days of Youth for Christ as they were some of the best times of my life!  This organization kept many youth off of the streets.  They kept them focused on God in a way which caused the kids to want to grow in their faith.  I am so very thankful for my time at Youth for Christ.