YFC Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we here?

We see the Hope and Potential in every young person

  • We believe in the holistic development of youth – Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Socially as Jesus modeled for us to do. There are over 40,000 youth in Regina alone; we have much more work to do.

How do we impact youth?

Transforming a generation one life at a time

  • Regina YFC impacts over 100 youth each week, mobilizing staff and volunteers. Building strong mentoring relationships with youth is the key.

What do we do?

Our Programs

Sustainability – Our Funding Model

Youth For Christ is an international mission organization and each of our staff build a team of people to support them both in prayer and financially. This is a core value of Youth For Christ.

For our housing Programs, contracts for youth services provide about 2/3 of our budget while 1/3 of our budget comes in from partnerships with people like you. Will you partner with us to transform the lives of youth in our province?

For our missionary staff, 100% of salaries, benefits, and expenses are raised through Partnership Development.

Through your involvement, we can make a difference in thousands of young lives each year. To partner with us click donate.