YFC Canada

Success Stories and Testimonials

“Because of our program, a youth who frequently ran away and was constantly reported missing, is now home every night! They say that we are their safe place away from the craziness of the world”

“I really see the hope and potential in our youth when they thrive in the community through connections to cultural events, sports and recreation, and connecting with others”

“Because of our program, youth who have constantly had placements and homes break downs, have now resided with us successfully and continue to build lasting, real relationships with staff and peers”

“I really see the HOPE and POTENTIAL in our youth when I see real change and huge successes in ways that are new to them”

“I love to see youth desire to keep in touch with staff when one party or the other moves on- it shows that they felt connected and cared for”

“Growth happens in relationship. I love building relationships with the youth and seeing the growth that happens”

“Going for coffee and playing UNO with youth is a highlight of my week”

“It’s a privilege to listen to, learn from, and grow with these amazing young people”

“I love getting to be a part of the youth’s journey and to encourage them on their path forward”

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