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A few days ago, I noticed a few little tulips starting to break through the dirt in one of my pots. I was completely caught off guard…

Date: 04/03/22 Category: Newsletter

Tags: Growing Team Newsletter

As we come to the end of another year, it is such an incredible blessing and encouragement to return to the notes I’ve taken at various times…

Date: 29/11/21 Category: Newsletter

Tags: Golf Sponsors Updates

I’ve loved coming into September for quite some time now. For me, it’s the beginning of a new season of expectation of the unknown.

Date: 09/09/21 Category: Newsletter

Tags: Rick Wismer Updates

Things often go missing in my house. As in most homes, there are a variety of issues for this taking place…

Date: 29/05/21 Category: Newsletter

Tags: Golf Tourney Updates

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