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Interested in Joining Our Summer Team?

Join our Summer Team and get the chance to teach a skill, build friendships, play games, grow as a leader and provide an amazing summer camp experience for all of our campers. 

This summer you will have many opportunities to share your faith and talk about the life-giving good news of Jesus, while also living in an authentic grace-filled Christian community that sees the importance of accountability, mentorship and having fun together. 

Our Summer Staff live on site in a variety of dormitory accommodations.

Below are seasonal positions we are looking to fill this summer! 

Want to get involved but don’t know where you fit?  Send us an email, we would love to hear from you.

Summer Team Roles

Skills & Activities Coordinator

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Skills & Activities Assistant

Multiple positions available!

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Team Coordinator (Male)

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Team Coordinator (Female)

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Media Coordinator

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Spiritual Engagement Assistant

Multiple positions available!

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Administrative Assistant

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Multiple positions available!

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Cabin Leader

Multiple positions available!

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Follow-Up Ministry Coordinator

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Summer Team FAQs

How old do you have to be to work at camp?

Cabin Leaders must be at least 18 and completed high school no later than June 2024. For other summer team positions you must be at least 16.

*Exceptions can be made after a discussion with the Director.

What do you look for in a potential Summer Team member?

  • Have a willingness to serve and be directed by others. Be willing to adapt to new situations and responsibilities. Because of the nature of this ministry any of us may be required to help in areas and jobs for which we were not hired. We all serve Jesus anywhere and in any way we can.
  • We’d like to see general evidence of your ability to handle the job requirements and general evidence of your ability to live and work in a close-knit community. Good physical health is essential as the pace of summer camp is demanding. Cedarwood is an intense ministry which also requires emotional health and strength.

Are there any qualifications needed to be a Summer Team member?

  • Cedarwood is a faith-based organization, so a successful candidate must be able to affirm and support our organization’s Statement of Faith and Community Covenant, and be committed to our summer mission. (These documents are made available during the interview and hiring process)
  • We’d like to see evidence of a personal relationship of faith in Jesus Christ. We recognise that this relationship entails Christ’s lordship in every area of your life.

Are summer camp positions paid?

We ask that you have a willingness to raise financial and prayer support. Staff honorariums or salaries are raised through donation income. Each summer staff person is asked to submit a list of potential supporters and to send updates to those people about their summer ministry work. More information about this will be made available during the interview process.

What is the timeline for working as a summer team member?

Our summer begins on June 30th with a full week of staff training. We then have 7 weeks of summer camp. The summer ends for staff on August 30th after a short time of debrief and retreat. 

Pre-season work is available and begins on May 1st (or earlier if requested). During our pre-season our summer team staff serves by preparing the site for summer as well as hosting rental groups, cleaning the lodge, helping in the kitchen or on maintenance.

Can you work for only part of the summer?

In an effort to build community, a good team dynamic, and continuity in our programming we ask that our summer team join us for the full summer of ministry (June 30th – August 30th). If there are dates you know of that would make it difficult to join us for the whole summer please let the Director know. Time off for family events like weddings and other activities can be made available but those dates need to be discussed prior to the summer team training week for scheduling purposes. 

If you are interested in serving with Cedarwood as a part of our summer team but cannot commit to the full 8 weeks please contact us to talk about what options are available to you.

What does Summer Team training look like?

Summer team training includes sessions on how to share the gospel, how to rightly relate to campers, and important safety and emergency procedures. We begin each morning with worship singing and a teaching time from a pastor. The day then continues with teaching sessions, opportunities to prepare skills and activities, rehearsals for skits and songs and other kinds of prep work. Each summer team member is given a chance to be involved in our evening program in a variety of areas like leading worship, acting in comedy skits, leading silly songs, or giving the talk on that day’s topic. In the evenings there is opportunity for our community to be built including bonfires, girls and guys hangouts, board games, and other time spent together.