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Youth Unlimited / YFC Grand Valley together with Knox Presbyterian Church invites youth (parents welcome) to participate in planting your own raised beds in our community garden. The garden is being planned behind the Community Youth Hub on 23 Mill St. West.

There are 12 plots available, each plot is 4 x 4 feet.

Choose 1 (one) from the following companion plant groupings: 

  1. Tomato sauce and salsa patch
    Everything you need to create your own tomato and/or salsa sauce: basil, oregano, Onion, peppers, … etc.
  2.  Sunny Salad patch
    Everything you need for a healthy salad: cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers carrots, … etc.
  1. “B” Happy patch
    Grow your own Beets, Beans, Buckwheat, caBBage, … etc.
  1. Super stir Fry Patch
    Grow whatever you need for your favorite stir fry: peppers, Bok Choi, celery, … etc.
  1. Pumpkin, Pancake and Pretty flower patch
    Grow pumpkins, sunflowers, peas, marigolds and more.

Seed packages and “grow kits” will be provided to start.
Guidance & help will be provided by (screened) adult volunteers.
Participants are encouraged to share part of their crop within the community.

Help to get the garden beds ready would be appreciated. (we will contact you when ready).

Need more information? Have questions? Contact the Community Hub Director: Jan Oorebeek

joorebeek@yfch.ca or 226 200 0747

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