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Breakthrough Recovery

Program Parent: Novar

This program will run from November 1st to December 6th, 2023, 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Huntsville Summit Centre in partnership with Serenity Renewal Muskoka. Cost is free.

The program is designed to run as follows:

1st – applicants will complete a questionnaire

2nd – applicants will have an interview with the counselors to establish expectations and eligibility for program involvement


Program Sessions

Session 1 – Introducing the High on Life Challenge

Session 2 – Drug Awareness

Session 3 – Emotions

Session 4 – Managing Stress

Session 5 – Resiliency

Session 6 – Coping with Change / Getting High on Life


If you think that this is a program for you, contact Ryan Campese at rcampese@yfch.ca. Space is limited. Apply early.

Donations towards the funding of this outreach are much appreciated.


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