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John Oorebeek

Position: Grand Valley Door Director

Department: Program Directors YFC Grand Valley

Before joining YFC Highlands in 2006, Jan taught in private faith based schools for 18 years. He also had “real” jobs in manufacturing, trucking and construction. At YFC Highlands, Jan continued his passion for working with teens at the Grand Valley Door youth centre. He is passionate about “restoring hope and changing lives” for preteens and teens alike. Jan also serves in the communities of Shelburne (at the local high school) and Orangeville (alt. ed. and street ministry).

Jan is a YFC Coach. He has coached local staff  and staff across Canada. He is deeply invested in restorative justice, and co-facilitates local restorative justice circles.

Jan was born and raised in the Netherlands. He grew up in a Christian home and graduated from teachers college. Upon his graduation, he immigrated to Canada. Together with his wife Margaret, he raised four children.


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