YFC Canada

breaking the cycle of poverty

by education and compassion.

Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty in our community. La Corde’s programs are constructed around nurturing the physical, mental, social, and spiritual lives of the youth in the center. The mission is simple: provide a support system for the youth within the community to enable them to build a better and more stable future through education and compassion.

La Corde Youth Centre is located in the Cloverdale community of East Pierrefonds. Cloverdale is one of the largest housing co-ops in Canada, represents over 50 nationalities, and has an average dropout age of 14.

The activities offered at la Corde stretch young people out of their reality and provide opportunities for the la Corde team to invest in their character, values, leadership, and spiritual journey. In this way, young people learn to make good life decisions that will shape their future in a positive way.


La Corde's Programs

Breakfast & Lunch Program

Every day of the week, elementary-aged youth stream into the La Corde building to get their fill; fresh, healthy meals, snacks, smiling faces and a warm safe environment to foster growth. La Corde offers whole-person care; tending to the physical, social, spiritual and mental aspects of life so that every young person leaves our programming more equipt than when they came through the doors.

“If I don’t go there I woudn’t have anything to eat”

– 11year old girl

“I’ve been  at la corde since grade 2.  I was very timid and stayed in my corner.  I had trouble talking with others.  Now I’m signed up for almost all the programs…breakfast, lunch, after school and soccer.  I’ve made lots of friends.  I’m a lot less shy than I was before and a lot more sociable.  Before I didn’t know anything about God.  Now I know how important he is.  Someday I would like to be an accountant.”

– 11 year old boy

Homework Help

We know that a solid education brings about a world of opportunities! The caring team at La Corde wants to see youth THRIVE in confidence and skill as they navigate the education system. Custom-tailored support, our safe, non-judgmental environment and access to educational materials as needed offer an important and accessible resource to kids needing some extra support.

“I find it difficult to do my homework…it’s hard and sometimes I don’t understand.  Doing my homework here helps me to concentrate.”

– 11 year old boy

Girl's Group

An intimate group designed to invest in girls to help them discover their intrinsic worth, talents and capabilities, all while having lots of fun!


A more focused opportunity for youth to receive personalized, ongoing support, encouragement and insight from one of our caring staff members. See youth soar to new heights as they are fanned from spark to flame through the enrichment that a mentoring relationship can bring!

Day Camps

La Corde Day Camps run through July and August and provide children with an exciting way to spend their summer.  The camps provide dynamic and interactive days for the children with great counsellors, lots of games, activities, soccer, pool days, outings and teaching opportunities. We see Day Camps as an excellent opportunity to invest in kids’ lives.

Family Support

La Corde believes in the power of a strong-family model, whatever the structure may look like. We believe that parents need to be heard, supported, and equipped with tools and resources to be the best parent they can.



The Cloverdale neighbourhood , situated in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, is known as an underprivileged region surrounded by more privileged neighbourhoods. Many families live below the line of poverty due to factors such as newly immigrating, cyclical socio-familial difficulty, etc.


La Corde’s care is based on education and compassion and is directed toward elementary-aged students. We support marginalized youth between 6 and 12 years old to dream big while eating well. According to “I’indices de défavorisation” at least two of the schools situated in Pierrefonds-Roxboro educate a community where more than 30% of its families have an income below the poverty line.


We care for youth on four different social planes: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. In order to respond to these social needs, La Corde focuses on five essential aspects of well-being: nutrition, social integration, homework assistance, resources (school supplies and computer access), and mentoring. We believe that whole-person care offers a solid foundation for success and healthy growth in one’s life.