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Youth Unlimited Timmins Region: A Brief History

The youth centre in South Porcupine, “The Spot,” is the focal point of the history of Youth for Christ and Youth Unlimited in Northern Ontario and is a reflection of the evangelical community coming together to present the youth in their communities to engage with the person, work and teachings of Christ and discipling them into the Church; teaching them to do the same. Here is a short history of where we came from and what we are looking ahead to.

2005 – 2014

In 2005, members of local evangelical churches saw the opportunity to reach out to youth in South Porcupine and Timmins by expanding the ministry of Java Junction, a ministry that provided a safe, coffee lounge environment for Christian teens to relax and invite their peers, into a more robust expression of a greater need. Java Junction remained a key ministry of The Open End Youth Centre for about 10 years, even as it became a venue for regular bible studies, live concerts, and various youth ministry events. In 2014, membership of The Open End Youth Centre, sensing the potential for greater impact in the area, aligned with Youth for Christ, an organization actively involved in more than 100 nations globally, that is committed to imparting God’s love, truth and hope to young people from all walks of life regardless of race, faith, economic level, or cultural background. In February of 2014 Cochrane-Temiskaming Youth for Christ Inc. was officially born, and is now the operating authority for The Open End Youth Centre.


Programs offered – The Open End Youth Centre were affected as a lengthy renovation program started to take shape. Here you can find the best interior auto detailing San Diego. For more than two years active youth ministry could not be based in the building due to construction activities. This renovation has now progressed to the point that it was possible to re-open the building to youth ministry in 2018 October.


In the following few months, local roofing company and more than 60 youth entered for various ministries under the leadership of Louis St. Jean and a team of faithful volunteers. By the marvelous working of God and your faithful prayers and financial support, this has been made possible! With Louis St. Jean as the Youth Centre Coordinator and your continued partnership, we anticipate a growing impact on this city and on the whole region. Perhaps you would consider becoming a Member and even serving as a volunteer.

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