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Global Impact

Global Impact is a ministry in partnership with the Compassionate Resource Warehouse (CRW). The CRW collects donations of many different items, sorts them, packs them and then sends containers of goods overseas to help those in need, having a huge impact on countless people’s lives. It is a privilege for me to involve youth locally to make a difference globally, as well as support the greater work of Youth for Christ!

Connecting with Youth Locally

Young people want to know that their life matters and that they have a purpose. Hosting groups of youth at the CRW is a great way to connect with kids from many different spheres to help them realize that their life can have an impact, and that they can make a difference in people’s lives who they don’t even know.

I host approximately 75 groups per year at the CRW, including students from three local schools, many church youth groups, and other community groups.  Whether they are packing boxes, preparing pallets of supplies for the next shipment, or actually helping pack the container, I am able to encourage them, share information about the different containers and the countries they are going to, and help them to see that what they do is significant. Plus, sharing little miracle stories and why we do what we do hopefully leads them to know more about a God who cares for them too!

Connecting with YFC Nations

There are over 63,000 staff and volunteers serving in 124 nations with YFC, reaching out to youth in many different contexts. YFC is having a tremendous impact globally as they reach thousands of youth for Christ every year!

I have been connecting with YFC National Directors and world area leaders and have had the opportunity to visit 8 nations firsthand. What a privilege it is to support their initiatives either through raising and sending funds, or partnering with them to see a container of supplies shipped to them to support their work with youth. Ministries are strengthened and also able to expand with these practical helps.

So far I have had the privilege of seeing containers go out to YFC in The Gambia, Belarus, Burundi, Ghana and Kenya, and I am thrilled to know that it has strengthened the impact they are having as they come alongside youth and their families.

Dave Peacock

Our Team