YFC Canada

Registered Charity #132232521RR0001

YFC Nanaimo

Youth for Christ is an active force in Nanaimo’s youth community. Our primary objective is to show God’s love to our community through serving the youth and their families. This is accomplished in three primary areas.

1. Outreach Events

First, we engage churched and non-churched youth through outreach events such as breakfast clubs, youth groups, sports, games, and school gym clubs, as well as outdoor events or events at “The Farm” Youth Activity Centre.

2. Discipleship Groups

Secondly, often as a result of these events, youth are invited to discipleship groups where we spend time sharing God’s word, having lively discussions and deepening our relationships.

3. Leadership Development

Youth mentorship and internship involves an apprentice type environment where youth are given opportunities to lead in a safe environment. This allows them to hone their skills and develops their character toward godliness. Adventure Camp preparation and participation in the summer then focuses this growth into team leading and cooperation within a mission. Youth from these programs are well equipped to continue their journey within the Christian community and the world they encounter.

Youth Transformed by Christ

We have found it truly exciting to watch youth find Christ, be transformed into His team, and then sharing their faith with other youth! We are especially excited about the growth in street ministry and for our Adventure Camp ministry slated for the summer.

School Partnerships

Many of our students and volunteers have grown through serving in local schools, whether through breakfast clubs, games clubs, tutoring, and character development.  We seek to serve our community as a core value within our work in Nanaimo.

Paul MacMurchy

Our Team