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Resource and Pregnancy Centre for Youth

Options empowers youth and their families by offering free, holistic support: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual, as they navigate unexpected pregnancy, young parenthood, and sexual health.


Education and Prevention Initiatives

Options is committed to investing in youth before difficult circumstances arise through mentorship, personal goal setting, and workshops.  We believe in empowering youth to pursue a healthy lifestyle, self-respect, and personal integrity.  The past does not need to define the future.  There is hope and a way through every circumstance.


Critical Care and Intervention

Options is able to assist the youth of our community to holistically address their sexual health challenges toward successful overall health outcomes, interrupting the damaging effects of STI transmission, unintended pregnancy, and the cycle of adverse social-familial outcomes.


Custom-tailored Ongoing Care

A personalized approach allows support to be offered where needed.  This can include:

  • Tailored prenatal education
  • Pregnancy and infant loss support
  • Free baby and maternity items available through the ARK boutique
  • Birthfamily support through the adoption process during and after pregnancy 
  • Lifeskills and family management training
  • Mom and tots group
  • Mentor Mom and Dad programs
  • Referral to government and community resources


Equipped, encouraged and empowered.

Options believes that youth are meant to thrive and not simply survive.  Through receiving care at Options that exemplifies grace and excellence, individuals are equipped and encouraged into a place of holistic health, fullness and empowered independence. 


Programs offered @ Options

Pregnancy Options support

Support and care for youth experiencing unintended pregnancy. Options offers a neutral, safe environment as well as a listening ear, tools to process, and lots of empathy. Services are confidential, client-led and helpful in processing heavy emotions and real dilemmas that may surround this pregnancy. (Free pregnancy tests, offered during this service).

the Mom Squad (Mom + Tots group)

A weekly gettogether for little ones and their mamas to socialize in our Living Room Lounge. An opportunity to be encouraged, equipped with parenting tools, and to enjoy some much-needed time away from home. A light meal is provided. Special activities throughout the year.

Parent-Child Education Program

Options is proud to launch a brand new initiative to increase parental skills, bonding between parent & child as well as an altogether strengthening of the family unit. The “Parent-Child Education” program at Options offers an enriching opportunity for development; focusing on all aspects of healthy and holistic parenting.

We are pleased to offer a module-based program that can be custom-tailored to best support your parenting needs and requirements.

For more information:



the ARK (Baby + Maternity Boutique)


We have all been in situations where we need a little (or a lot) of extra help to make life more manageable. Options ARK boutique is here to help for times like these.

Generous donations from the community make it possible for Options to provided for the material needs of our clients.

The ARK boutique accepts and provides baby and maternity-related items free of charge with no questions asked, and no strings attached (if so desired). We offer baby and toddler clothing (up to size 3), bedding, furniture, strollers, toys, books, maternity clothing, breast pumps and more.

A drop-off bin is located on the exterior of our building should you desire to donate goods outside our regular business hours.

Mentoring + Ongoing Support

Have you ever felt that in order to succeed you have to do it all on your own?

At Options we believe we are STRONGER TOGETHER!

We can link you with a Mentor Mom or Mentor Dad to journey with you as you pursue being the best parent you can be.

Mentoring relationships focus on wise pairings and accommodating individual needs. You and your mentor will decide together what works best for you.

Contact us to learn more. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone…


Post-Partum Project

A ministry of care, compassion and pampering!

We understand that the days following childbirth are filled with physical healing, sleeplessness, and a lot of adjusting. Even with the best support system, this can be a trying period in a woman’s life. Many of the clients at Options simply don’t have this support.

Post-partum packaged are custom-created to help ease this process. A beautiful basket filled with items to pamper a new mom, sanitary/hygiene items, gifts for new baby, as well as home-cooked meals and snacks.

Secret Service

Our Secret Service team is made up of individuals from partnering churches (Church21, Resurgent) with a desire to share God’s love through practical and essential care outside the standard services received at Options. The SS team may help with projects such as helping a single mum with a move, cleaning and organizing a home due to post-partum, depression, painting and so much more. Critical care is offered, as well as practical skills as the individual (receiving care) is encouraged to be a part of the process.

Bloom (Preteen, Sexual Health)

An innovative, edgy, preventative preteen female sexual health resource program providing girls with engaging literature, activities as well as free hygiene products.

BRAVE: Pregnancy and infant loss support

For individuals experiencing difficulties following pregnancy loss, be it through miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption or abortion. Customized support is offered as well as individual and group sessions. Though not all struggle after these experiences, some may. At Options we believe that support should be accessable.

Young Parent's Online Community

An online group for our young parents at Options! A private space to discuss all things birth/parent, encourage one another, learn and stay connected as we pursue community together.

Dad's Programming

Hangouts, one-on-one mentoring and so much more.

Annual Mom Squad Getaway

Respite. Rest. Retreat.

Young moms are given the opportunity to adventure and explore with their little ones at our annual Mom Squad retreat. Childcare provided, moments of pampering, lots of great food and friendships forged!

Abriter Transitional Home

A transitional home meant to equip young women who are pregnant and or parenting through difficult circumstances, while facing homelessness.