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Registered Charity #106868847RR0001

Registered Charity #106868847RR0001

YFC Dinner Party

We are excited to announce our Fundraising Dinner Party.

Last year YFC Steinbach hosted a new kind of Fundraising Banquet called the Dinner Party. If you would rather hang out with your friends and eat great food on us… this is for you. Invite your friends for a Dinner Party and enjoy the evening on your terms. We will provide a short and engaging video for you to watch that will share what YFC Steinbach does. There’s never been an easier and more enjoyable way to get involved. Did we mention the meal is on us? Join us!

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Time: October 2022

Location: Wherever You Want

Who: Everyone is welcome to take part in a Dinner Party by hosting or attending one.

What: Hosts are encouraged to invite their friends and family to their home over for a Dinner Party. Steinbach hosts will have the option to sign up for a meal and dessert supplied by a local restaurant (listed below). YFC will provide a video showing what YFC Steinbach does and how you can partner with us in 2021. Enjoy the evening at your own pace and give generously to a great cause.

Where: At your house or a friends house. Wherever the host chooses.

When: Host a Dinner Party any time in October 2022. There will be a meal from a Steinbach restaurant available for you to pick up.


*The meal will be available from select restaurants in Steinbach only during October 2022. The meal cost of Dinner Party participants outside the Steinbach area will unfortunately not be covered by the meal sponsor.

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The Meal

Each Dinner Party will enjoy a meal from one restaurant. The restaurant choice is up to you.

Restaurant Options:

Smitty’s: Wings and Fries (Salad included)

MJ’s Kafe: Mennonite Combo Plate (Schmoundt Fat included)

Rocco’s Pizzaria: Pepperoni or Ham & Pineapple (Salad included)

Viet House: Vermicelli Bowl (Gluten Free)


YFC staff will deliver dessert from Little Baking Company to your doorstep on the day of your Dinner Party. Contact us for more info.


Appetizers or Salad might be a nice way to start your Dinner Party. Some restaurant meals do not come with an appetizer, but you are welcome to add your own if you’d like.


Beverages won’t be provided. As a host, you’re welcome to provide whatever your guests would enjoy.

Meal Pick-Up

Hosts will be required to pick up their meal from the restaurant prior to the dinner party.

Contact YFC to choose your pick-up time.

Please don’t contact the restaurant for ordering or pick-up. YFC will organize everything.

Social Media

Before the event, follow us in Instagram @yfcsteinbach.

We’ll be sharing and connecting throughout the event on these platforms.


Pick any weekday night and host a Dinner Party. We will help you make it happen. If you feel like having it on a Saturday, we can make that happen too. But Sunday’s… Sunday’s are a no-go.


Don’t worry. You don’t have to ask your guests to donate. The video that we provide will do the heavy lifting. Giving will be made easy through E-Transfer or by visiting our website.

The Video

We are not live streaming. Our pre-produced video will be top notch. There’s nothing worse than being responsible for hosting an event with a super cringy video. It will be engaging, entertaining, and fun. A YouTube link will be provided to you before the event.

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