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Roxanne Dyck

Position: LitGroups Coordinator

Department: LitGroups

Once upon a time there was a girl named Roxanne, who loved stories. She loved it when her parents read her stories. She loved it when they told stories around the kitchen table. She loved staying up way too late reading stories. She loved hearing the stories of her family history, and she aced high school history when her dad helped her understand it as a story. She loved the story times that she shared with her own children, and knowing that they loved this too. She began to wonder if others loved stories as much as she did? She began to feel strongly that fostering this love of stories could be a powerful thing, and could even help shape other kids’ stories – so she created LITGROUPS.

Roxanne loves and continues to discover God’s story, and is very glad that her story is enveloped in His. She loves others’ stories, and has learned her fair share of stories as she’s worked with children, teenagers, young adults and adults. All stories seem to have similar elements of joy, wonder, struggle, sadness, and search for meaning and connection. All stories also seem to improve when positive characters intersect each other’s plots, and when God is part of them. So, Roxanne spends her time learning the stories of others – whether kids, volunteers, staff, parents – and sharing stories that inspire, deepen, awaken, and help discovery happen.