YFC Canada

Compass Basketball

“To win men for the master through the gym.” James Naismith 1889

Compass Basketball offers youth aged 11-19 unique life experiences by using the game of basketball to develop mentoring relationships while teaching life skills. 

Life skills are taught through learning to be a part of a basketball team. We teach the youth that ‘How we do anything is how we do everything.’ Which means that in all parts of our life we:

1. Strive for excellence whether on or off the court.

2. Are grateful and learn to say thank you

3. Learn to ask if we need help.

Compass Basketball teaches youth new habits about how they think about themselves and what they want to become. Learning new habits such as being early for practices, learning communication with each other and how to advocate for oneself increases their options for building healthy relationships, future work opportunities, and for staying in school.

Diverse coaches and team members interact to model healthy relationships built on connection, commitment, and mutual respect.

Youth enter Compass basketball in three ways: through local schools, through community basketball leagues and through travel teams. Participation varies based on the activity. Team Compass is a school-year commitment with opportunities to connect and engage through activities, camps, and meals together. Tryouts are conducted each year, and the youth work hard to earn a place on one of the teams each year. School basketball and community leagues are 6–8-week commitments several times throughout the year.