YFC Canada

Youth Connect

Youth Connect works with young people to provide a safe and welcoming environment so they can explore interests, relationships, new life skills and faith with freedom and integrity.

Through programs such as summer camps, recreational sports programs, cooking classes, canoe trips, ice skating, and games nights, youth learn positive behavior to cope with life challenges. Within each activity youth learn skills that make them able to connect with others and explore their personal goals. Skills such as adaptability, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and communication are all foundational for effective social interactions; job specific and life skills overlap and can be adapted to different contexts. The building of these skills creates opportunities for youth while allowing them to explore life and faith in a supportive and respectful environment.

We work with local schools and neighborhood churches to connect young people with others invested in seeing them succeed and building healthy relationships.

Young people can access programming all year round with no limitation on the number of programs they are able to come to. Programming is open for youth in junior high and high school ages and runs in seasonal sessions for 8-12 weeks. Each program varies in content and focus, depending on the ages and life stages of the attendees.

Creating a space where youth can build relationships with each other and mentors changes outcomes for them. Building life skills that change the way others perceive you and learning to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of life frees us up to think positively and to dream bigger. Youth need the opportunity to learn how to dream and realize what their potential is while growing closer to God and understanding their purpose and potential in Him. Youth Connect provides those opportunities through great staff who are both trained and dedicated to building those relationships and opportunities.