YFC Canada

Engage and Equip Youth

Transforming youth, families and the community through the hope of Jesus.

YFC London

Partnering with the youth of London for more than 60 years.

YFC London meets the needs of young people through unique programs and services.

Our Approach

We believe that life and personal faith is lived in community and recognize that each person chooses how to interact with their faith. We encourage youth to live life as an adventure that should be explored with freedom, respect, and integrity. Through programs, life skills training and coaching, youth are supported as they make decisions on their faith journey.

YFC London has three areas that address different interests while keeping with the mission of providing a safe and welcoming place for youth to gather and learn about the God that loves them; Compass Basketball, Café Connect, and Youth Connect.

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of London youth? We can use skills and talents of all types – from administrative to front-line workers. If you’re interested in being a part of YFC London, check out our volunteer opportunities.

Our Partners

We are so grateful for our partnerships with local businesses.