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Wondering how you can get involved and support the vision of London YFC? Whether it’s sharing your time, skills, talents or resources, there are so many ways you can be a part of what God is doing through YFC. 


Prayer is the fuel that keeps our engine running. Without it, we would just be a group of people with promising ideas without direction or results. We can plant seeds but God is the one that makes our seeds grow.

Our YFC team and partners are committed to praying for the ministry programs as well as the youth we do life with. If you would like to receive our newsletter which includes exciting updates and prayer points, please subscribe here.

If there is a specific staff member or program you would like to partner with through prayer, please contact them directly to receive their specific and continual requests.


Volunteers are vital to the success and enjoyment of our programs. You can make a difference in a young person’s life through serving with London YFC.

Whether you help behind the scenes with food preparation or repairs or work with us with youth in our community, your time and influence will make a difference. Not only do we appreciate your help but the youth do too. Young people value spending time with loving and authentic adults who freely give their time, skills and attention.

Our Jr Hi programs hold opportunities for high school volunteers. This time can be counted for the volunteer requirements for graduation. But, more importantly, it allows you to be a friend and role model in your community.

Partner With YFC

Thank you for investing in the work of London  YFC and the young lives impacted through our ministry programs. All funds raised stay in the London community and you will receive a donation tax receipt at the end of the year.

Without ongoing partnerships with people like you, London YFC would not exist. We welcome new opportunities to connect with partners in our three key areas:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Personal Sponsorship

Philanthropy is needed in our communities to address our city’s needs. This means it is up to us to use our financial resources to empower the change we desire to see in our city. Through London YFC, you can provide youth with basic need supports, compassionate mentors, guidance, skills and leadership development, and a path for them to reach their full potential. London YFC will provide you with an annual charitable tax receipt that redirects a portion of your tax dollars back to you. It is a way you can direct how your money is used in this city.

Corporate/Business Sponsorship

Perhaps you are a business owner and you want your business to have a social impact on the city and community it operates within. Corporate Sponsorship with London YFC is a way of empowering youth while showing your clients that you are investing back into the community. The United Nations has identified this practice as being part of a sustainable city. We have various ways of sharing your sponsorship; however, we have found that most business owners are more excited about the impact they make through YFC London than they are about the recognition.

Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Stocks, Bonds & Securities

Does your company offer stock options? Are you concerned about the impact of capital gains when it comes time to cash them in? Did you know that you can directly donate your stocks and bonds to London YFC and receive a full charitable tax receipt with no capital gains impact? Several of our financial partners donate securities to us each year as a way of making an impact while balancing their portfolio. Speak to your financial advisor to learn how.

Legacy Gifts

When you are writing our your will, remember your daughter “Charity.” That’s right, naming charities in your will provides the opportunity to reduce your estate’s tax with minimal impact on what your children will receive. Speak with your financial advisor (we can also recommend a few if you do not have one) and then meet with your lawyer to add “London Youth for Christ” as one of your charities’ benefactors. The legacy impact you leave in the lives of youth will last well beyond your years on this earth!