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Making Connections

Date: 22/03/23

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Category: Encouragement

Ring-ring, ring-ring.  It was December 19 – the last week before Christmas, a Monday night, around 4 PM. We didn’t have any programs that day, as we were refreshing the building and taking the final week before the holidays to plan for the upcoming season in 2023.

Ring-ring, ring-ring. It was the youth entrance door. On the video monitor we could see a youth peering into the camera, wondering where we were. We quickly ran back and let him know that there was no programming that night, but we’d look forward to seeing him in the new year.  He understood – and fortunately, we caught his parents in time! 

20 minutes later, it happened again. Another quick conversation, another understanding youth.  And then, again! 

I haven’t been able to get that image of the youth peering into the camera out of my mind.  Throughout the fall, we were praying for God to bring us young people to connect with, to care for, to walk alongside through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic recovery zone we all continue to navigate. 

We’ve prayed for open doors – for the ability to connect in person, and God has answered. 

We’ve prayed for increased connections – for the ability to reach more young people, and God has answered.  

We’ve prayed for the strength and the resources needed to hold those doors open – for the ability to share the love of Jesus with each young person who connects with YFC London, and we believe God will answer that prayer too. 

Eugene Peterson liked to say he wanted to “follow the scent of the Holy Spirit,” like a hound that catches the scent of a rabbit. We are aspiring to the same, to seek out the Holy Spirit and participate in God’s story, inviting youth to join us. 

Your support to YFC London provides young people with a place to be vulnerable, authentic, and be known. 

Joel Timmerman – Executive Director, YFC London

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