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Games & Good Works

Date: 28/07/23

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Category: Community Programs

This summer program is a ton of fun while teaching important skills too!

We have around 15 youth come to the centre every Thursday to take part in the “Games & Good Works” Program. We start the day out with high energy outdoor games, including capture the flag, water balloons, and octopus! Despite this being on the agenda first thing in the morning, the youth are always ready to jump right into the activities and have fun. After lunch, we do our act of service. Our goal is to give the youth opportunities to serve the community and recognize the positive impact they can make on those around them. Our teens are given leadership positions to guide the younger kids, and it has been amazing watching some of them come out of their shell and confidently step into these roles. So far, we have distributed meals to seniors at local churches and brought cookies to a retirement home. We are also planning a car wash and lemonade stand for the coming weeks!

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