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Jay Lawrence

Position: Coordinator – Compass Basketball

Department: Compass Basketball

Born in South Africa, Jay confesses he’s always been obsessed with sports. Although he didn’t fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a pro athlete, he has been able to use his skills, talents and passion to make a difference in the lives of young London athletes.
After attending youth camps and taking on leadership roles, it became clear to him that his life’s purpose was to work with young people. He moved to England where he was the director of a non-profit organization that worked with inner-city youth through soccer and school projects. 
In 2012, Jay moved his family to Canada to join the staff at YFC London where he now focuses on engaging with community youth through sport. Jay leads the Compass Basketball program and coaches teams at Laurier Secondary School in the community.

When you support YFC London, it helps us continue sports programs for youth. And that’s a slam dunk for positive change.