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Work Force

At Work Force we believe our youth have talents and abilities that can lead to meaningful lives. We teach, challenge and dare them to dream what life would be like with Jesus in their lives.





Connects youth participating in any of our programs to a community geared to continue their interest in pursuing their relationship with Christ. Infinity meets every Sunday evening. The focus is experiencing God in creative and interactive ways through large and small group activities! As in all our programs, each participating youth is paired with a mentor to connect, listen and even go for a treat from time to time.

Meets every Wednesday, 6:30 – 8:30PM, at 467 Manitoba Ave.



Connects youth and young adults ages 16 – 20 to an employment skills training program. Youth learn advanced employment skills necessary to navigate the transition becoming adults entering the working world. The course focuses on skills such as resume writing, how to search and find a job, handling the interview process, and dealing with practical everyday skills such as budgeting, working together, dealing with stress, conflict, etc. At the end of 8 months, mentors help youth to use their new skills to find jobs.

Meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00 – 8:00PM, at 467 Manitoba Ave.


Connects youth ages 12- 15 to provide an array of various work placements and experiences in the community. Youth learn  how to work, problem solve, get along with others in order to get a job done! A small honorarium is provided by Work Force for their efforts and valuable service to the community. When not in their job placements, the youth engage in relationship building activities, games and teaching times. Each participating youth is paired with a specific mentor to connect, listen and even go for a treat from time to time throughout the summer.

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